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Glendale California, the jewel city

Welcome to the “Jewel City of the Verdugos.” We are so happy you found your way to our City. Of course, we mean Glendale, California. We may be biased here, but there can only be one Glendale and it’s in California! Filled with beautiful parks and libraries, thriving businesses, known for its reputation for safety, outstanding schools and growing tech community, the Jewel of the Verdugos is unlike any other. Explore our page. You can learn more about the City. You can find things to do, places to visit, places to eat, stay and just enjoy yourself.

Glendale Has A lot to Offer

wide selection of restaurants

Glendale CA has some of the best food Los Angeles has to offer.



Over 3,500 Luxury Apartments

From the outskirts of town right into the heart of downtown, you will find the perfect home for you and your family.


Booming Technology Sector

The tech-scene in Glendale is on the rise with no slowing down in sight. Multiple start-ups and major VC Funding have made Glendale an ideal destination for many companies!

Featured Businesses